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Mill Roll,Flour Milling Machine Mill Roll

Product name:Mill Roll,Flour Milling Machine Mill Roll

Product Name: Mill Roll,Flour Milling Machine Mill Roll

Flour mill roll used in grain milling, oilseed flaking, animal feed cracking, food processing, brewing, etc., double-layer centrifugal cast with selected multiple alloys and verified by spectrum, computer controlled smelting assuring uniform hardness of outer layer surface, precise machining and dynamical balance ensure excellent performance in various applications.

Advantages of flour milling machine mill roll:

1. The mill roll are made based on the world’s advanced vanadium-titanium alloy formula fully automatic centrifugal casting.

2. To make timely analyses before soldering with Germany imported spectrograph so as to ensure rational and stably mixture ratio of various alloy elements.

3. Low hardness and high abrasion resistance. Sand roller surface hardness is 61- 67 HS, the gear roller surface hardness is 68-74HS which is more suitable for flour milling.

4. Our products can ensure the extraction rate of flour, extend the service life of the rollers, reduce the energy consumption and improve the comprehensive benefits of the flour mills effectively.

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